Joyful Occasion


From the beginning, we have placed great importance on health, beauty and longevity.
Our parenting animals are all free from hipdysplasia (A or B) and are tested for heriditary eye diseases.

On 18th December 2012 our DODO (CH. PENNYLANE HOW DO YOU DO DODO) gave birth to10 healthy puppies. DODO is proud of 6 boys and 4 girls. You can find DODO's pedigree in the German version

Sire to the puppies is the handsome english dog ZOTTEL'S JUST AS-U LIKE IT (VICTOR) bred by my sister Christina Bailey.
Victor's Pedigree




DODO and her puppies are sound and happy and looking forward to any visitors on appointment.  




(Pennylane Gossip Start Now)  and her puppies, 3 days of age




LILLY'S puppies 5 days of age





 5 weeks old puppies





  7 week old  PENNYLANE  puppies